Friday, February 7, 2014

7th Grade Basketball - Piedmont Middle School Highlanders at Willard Middle School

The 7th grade Piedmont Highlanders opened their 2014 season against Willard Middle School in Berkeley.

The game began with Piedmont winning the opening jump ball and was a nice defensive battle at the start. Piedmont initiated a full court press during the 1st quarter and the score reflected the tough defense on both ends of the floor with a tied score of 7-7 at the end of the 1st quarter.  

In the 2nd quarter Piedmont executed nice ball rotation and player movement without the ball which created easy scoring opportunities for Piedmont which they capitalized on.  Ethan Croley, Kieran Linnane, Joe Sassi, Darryl Tjogas and Kieran Linnane contributed heavily on the offensive and defensive boards with each scoring as well.  Willard countered with a couple of 3 point baskets and the 1st half came to a close with Piedmont leading 19-16.

The 3rd quarter began with Willard having possession of the ball.  Piedmont's stout defense and continued execution of their offense began to open up the game.  Justin Casey initiated some of the offense and the 3rd quarter ended with a fast break by Ian Joseph who passed to an open Owen Levinson who converted the lay up putting Piedmont ahead 36-22.

The 4th quarter offered more of Piedmont's offensive threat and defensive prowess with 3 point baskets by Ian Joseph and Julian Lopez and a nice back door play from Isaiah Campbell to Dylan Han with a final score of Piedmont 52 Willard 27.   

In all, Piedmont held all of the Willard players who scored to single digits while Piedmont's Isaiah Campbell led all scorers with 10 points, Ian Joseph and Julian Lopez had 7 points a piece. 

Go Highlanders! 

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