Sunday, September 30, 2012

PMS 7th Grade Football Dethrones Stanley Powerhouse

A steadily improving 7th grade PMS flag football squad shocked the world Wednesday with a thrilling 12-7 win over perennial favorite Stanley Middle School, handing the dreaded Wildcats an extremely rare lost that sent shock waves throughout the league. Playing in soggy Coach's Field conditions before a sellout crowd of 12, Stanley scored first with their typically balanced run and throw offense.  But even while failing to score in the first half, PMS responded with tenacious defense, putting pressure on the Stanley quarterback, stunting the vaunted Stanley running game, and keeping the game close.  

In the second half, PMS scored first behind the tremendous rushing of the quarterback and the half back , rushing which was aided by brutal blocking along the entire line of scrimmage. Late in the game, and still trailing by an extra point, came "The Play."  PMS, with the ball near the 50, went for it on 4th down.  During what can only be described as WW I trench warfare-like ferocity at the line, the PMS quarterback had what seemed like eternity to find an open receiver. Finally,  a wide receiver broke free from the gritty Stanley secondary right down the middle of the field near the goal line.  From the well protected pocket came a mighty quarterback heave , a perfect spiral, and a sterling catch in stride for the go ahead score.  The flawlessly executed touchdown was greeted at first by silent disbelief, and then by joyous jubilation from the Piedmont Faithful. It was a great game and the boys showed genuine graciousness in victory Three cheers for the boys, the coaches, and the parents who wake up early to get the kids to practice!

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