Thursday, September 30, 2010

8th Grade Highlanders Sweep First 5 Volleyball Matches of the Season

The Highlanders, coached by Aleesha Woodruff, are overpowering their competition so far this season, beating Willard and Prospect Sierra the week of September 20th, and winning three matches last week.
Piedmont beat last year's nemesis, El Sobrante Christian, in two games, 25-9 and 25-15. Reina Lowe was on fire with eight aces. Taylor Chow and Clare Keating both had a string of aces. Maya Kiruluta had many hits and kills as front row middle. Solid defense was played well by Kelli Nguyen and Reina Lowe. Gelly Miller made some good passes to support her team.
Piedmont's serving was sizzling against Orinda, giving the Highlanders a decisive win (25-7 and 25-6). Clare Keating had 12 aces in one game, Reina Lowe had 5, and Hayden Payne had 3. Shelton Rogers had several kills and hits.
Piedmont handily beat Berkeley Longfellow 25- 13 in the first game, and faced some challenge in the second game when the score was 19-18, but the Highlanders pulled ahead with strong serves to win 25 - 19. Noelle Lautt, Kelli Nguyen, Clare Keating, and Nicole Cosares all served strongly. Taylor Chow set precisely for her front row hitters. Clare Keating and Reina Lowe had some well placed kills. Hayden Payne made several key hits.

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